Sunday, February 2, 2020

"Boketto" Exhibition at D'art Gallery

900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

Opening Reception:  Friday, February 28     5 - 9 pm

Gallery Hours: Thursday, Noon to 5pm, Friday, Noon to 9 pm, Saturday, Noon to 5 pm, Sunday, 1 pm to 4 pm. 

Art is a vehicle for exploring the exterior and interior landscape of our existence on this planet. 
Viewing the world from a meditative practice, I call myself a Contemplative Artist. To me, contemplative art is the product of creative expression rising from the pure joy of creating, grounded in a meditative connection to the radiance and perfection of spirit known only through one’s experience of being fully human. 
During a contemplative experience one does not observe anything specific but rather a feeling emerges from the meditation. Likewise, I choose to create work that does not refer to any specific location or time. I choose instead to invite the viewer into my meditation of my collected emotional responses from residing for forty-seven years in Colorado. 
Each painting lives in its own place and time. It breathes on it’s own, free from a particular association, reflecting back to the viewer a new way of seeing. The painting changes as the viewer breathes in detail, subtleties of shape, and nuance of color. Then the painting breathes back to the viewer. A relationship ensues. 
The painting process begins with heavy application of oil paint with a pallet knife to create texture. After the layer of thick paint dries and hardens, I begin the next layer, painting the contemplated image. Color and texture are the predominate features of my work, especially creating unique hues to reveal a particular mood. After applying untold layers of paint to create unique colors, my interpretation of my heart-centered experience arrives on the canvas. 
I have titled several of the paintings in this exhibition, “Boketto”, a Japanese word for the concept of gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking. Using images that are familiar from the environment to express in a non-verbal manner my life experience, I invite you to gaze, without labels, into my shared contemplation. 
I am delighted to be able to show this body of work that I created over five years at D'art Gallery in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe during the month of March 2020. The gallery space is perfect to exhibit the twelve large paintings.  
Here is the schedule of events for the exhibition:

If you want to stop by the gallery while I'm there, here's a listing of dates I will definitely be at the gallery:

Friday, February 28 
 4 - 9 pm
Saturday, February 29 
 Noon - 4 pm
Sunday, March
1 1 - 4 pm
Friday, March 6 
 Noon - 9 pm
Saturday, March 7 
 Noon - 2 pm
Sunday, March 8 
 1 - 4 pm
Friday, March 13 
 2 - 9 pm
Sunday, March 15 
 1 - 4 pm
Friday, March 20 
 Noon - 9 pm
Saturday, March 21 
 Noon - 5 pm
Sunday, March 22 
 1 - 4 pm

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