Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Studio Photos of 2011 Prospect Artists Studio Tour

For those of you who missed the 2011 Prospect Artists Studio Tour, here are photos of my studio turned into a "gallery" for the weekend event.  A thank you to all my friends and students who stopped by during the weekend.  Over a hundred people visited my studio.

On the left, a wall of framed prints of my "Cross" series.
On the right, a wall of miniature oil paintings.
On the table, more unframed prints of my work.

Here's a wall of my "blue" landscape paintings.
To the left, a wall of oil pastel landscape drawings.
On the easel, an unfinished oil painting.
This is the view as you walk through the door into my studio.
On the right, a selection of cards featuring my oil paintings and drawings.
On the back wall, (top), "Colorado Clouds" and (bottom)  "Sky Raga Reverie".

Standing in front of my wall of miniature oil paintings.