Monday, December 1, 2014

the DARKROOM Gallery - Longmont's Newest Gallery on Main Street

the DARKROOM Gallery
515 Main Street
Longmont, CO

Open:  Wednesday - Saturday
           Noon - 5 pm

You are invited to the Grand Opening Celebration on
Friday, December 12     6 - 9 pm

I have seven paintings on exhibition in the gallery along with Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, Julie Cardinal, Tammy Helart, Brenda Ferrimani, Doug Fields, Susan Helen Strok, Paula Peakcock, Chichi Ledsma & Joan Jordan.

Here's a photo of the gallery with my work on the right…..

On the right wall:
(Top) "Colorado Clouds    24" x 36"   oil
(Top Middle)  "Sun Dog Clouds"   24" x 36"   oil
(Large Long Painting in Middle)  "Yugen"   24" x 72"   oil
(Bottom left)  "Colorado Sunset"   12" x 12"  oil
(Bottom MIddle)  "Cloud Pirouettes" (triptych)   "12" x 36" oil
(Bottom right)  " Colorado Morning Reverie"  12" x 12"    oil