Friday, August 9, 2013

Art Exhibition at the Muse Gallery

Art Exhibition at the Muse Gallery
356 Main Street, Longmont, CO

Exhibition Dates:  July 12 - August 24

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 11 am - 5pm
                        Friday & Saturday  11 am - 7pm

I have three "highly textured" flower paintings in this show. 

Living sustainably, I refuse to put my left-over paint from my pallet in the trash or down the drain, instead,
I put the paint on a canvas. I don't plan ahead, I just put the paint on the canvas in clumps. Then after I
have enough "clumps", I paint the entire canvas gray, and start to look for the image or images made
by the clumps. 

I've painted five paintings using this technique, and three of them are on display at the Muse Galley.

(left) "Rose", (Middle) "White Flower", (right) "Ode to a Still Life"