Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Bobbi Walker | Elevate Art Consultants 

Available as part of the offerings by the Elevate Art Consultants
that can be viewed at Walker Fine Art (by appointment) :   

my newest painting, 36" x 48", "Boketto #1

I chose the name for this series of paintings, "Boketto", 

because it means in Japanese, "gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking". 

I love the idea of looking at a painting, gazing at a painting, without thinking, rather absorbing or ingesting the emotion of the image instead of trying to figure it out. I paint my emotional response to a memory of an experience in the Colorado mountains, choosing not to depict a scene, rather to give an impression of the impact of the landscape. 

Here you can see the process I used to create this oil painting.

First, I began painting the texture on the canvas.
I do this in my garage because the paint smell is too intense to let it dry in my studio.
Here's a video of painting the first layer of texture.

Then I take the painting to my studio for the final drying on the wall.
I check out the texture to see which direction I should place
the canvas to begin painting. 
Sometimes I turn the painting upside down after I begin painting.
It all depends.

Next I begin blocking in the colors and establishing the composition.
Of course, all this can change.

Still blocking in colors.

Still blocking in colors.

After blocking in the colors, I paint another couple of layers of paint
until I begin to get the subtleties in color I prefer.

I continue painting in layers refining the colors until I arrive at the final image on the canvas.

But then, it can change, after I let the painting rest and I look at it again.
Here I made minor changes. 

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