Monday, October 3, 2016

The Denver Hospice - The Mask Project

I was invited by the Denver Hospice to participate in their fundraising efforts
by painting a mask
for their
annual auction.

You can bid online through October 8

This piece has been sold. 

"Majestic Infinity"

“Majestic Infinity” is her personal response to the process of completing our life journey on this planet. According to Suzanne, "our twenty-four hour days are filled with daylight and starlight, light and dark, joy and sorrow; with all our days reflected on our faces. But our eyes; our eyes shine with the light of love and blessings. Infinite blue looks out through our eyes and are expressed with words emerging from our mouths. We are infinite and with our smile we reveal All.

For me the painting process begins with an application of oil paint with a pallet knife to create texture. After the layer of thick paint dries and hardens, I begin the next layer, painting the contemplated image. Color and texture are the predominate features of my work, especially creating unique hues to reveal a particular mood. After applying untold layers of paint to create unique colors, my interpretation of my heart-centered experience arrives on the canvas, a meditative space. I meditate before I begin each painting session to facilitate moving into that part of my brain where creativity abounds. I lose a sense of time when I paint."

I really enjoyed painting this mask and pushing my creativity with another form. And I am delighted to be assisting the Denver Hospice with their compassionate and caring work.

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