Monday, October 25, 2010

Artist Statement

Artist Statement
Suzanne Frazier

Presenting the presence of the numinous is the purpose of my work.  

I paint the beauty of what cannot be named but only can be pointed to through observation of the mystery and majesty of this world. 

As Rudolph Otto observed, our response to the numinous is unique and one of fascination. 
He believed that every person on the planet has the capacity to perceive the numinous,
however, it must be received into consciousness; it cannot be taught. 

The work whispers into the viewer’s consciousness to remember the numinous.

The response to the whisper of the colors on the canvas usually is a sense of peace.

My contemplative approach to oil painting centers around sunrises and sunsets, when, as the mystics say, there is a crack in the sky between heaven and earth.  It is a special time of day when one feels awe and beauty.  The numinous is present.

My work provides a space to share the contemplation, or as Plato spoke about, the primordial truth.  

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